Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part I. Moonsorrow 28.02.2020 @Lutakko

Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part I. Moonsorrow 28.02.2020 @Lutakko

Воскресенье, 15 марта 2020

I never would have thought that I would return to this mysterious city exactly one year after I was there but it happened. For those who don’t know: Jyvaskyla is a beautiful innovative city in the central Finland. Not the biggest one, but one of the most interesting places of “the land of a thousand lakes”. As you might have guessed, my comeback was not without a reason because the reason was music and big names of real Finnish metal.

28 Feb 2020. Lutakko. *Here and after I am compelled to give descriptions because without them the picture will not be finished.* Lutakko – is a real rock night club and it looks like a classic place for playing rock and drinking beer, and that’s true: there is good sound, bright light and some nice alcohol. If you think that real rock club looks like a very famous franchise “H…-R… Café” you can go to hell but I think you won’t belong even there.

So, let’s go back to the event of that day – Moonsorrow – the singers of hymns of the North! The band played a program from the special Finnish mini-tour Verisakeet Alive dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the album “Verisakeet” (Blood Verses). That album is significant not as an apogee but as the way there. That is music where the band was able to combine all things of their mind – masterpiece. In my opinion, the event didn’t need any warm-up although there was some. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but “Loits”, representing incredible Estonia, were redundant that night. Maybe I wasn´t able to understand them, but after three songs I went to the bar. When I came back Moonsorrow were ready to start. I can’t transfer the sound but I am going to try to describe it and our photos can help you imagine what it was like. The sound was tight, melodious and bewitching, spirits of the North were weaving gimp of dark ancestors’ enchantment.

You can find videos from this tour but I assure no record will give you a full representation of how was it there. For example, usually cold-blooded Finnish spectators became flammable, not so often can you see a crowd beating in a single ecstatic rush all the time while the band was on the stage. I saw a bald guy headbanging with his beard, rotaing it around his head, half naked hairy men slamming in a mosh pit, everyone around singing genuinely. I really don’t know how long it was happening but I think everyone enjoyed every second of this real dark magic. Gods bless you, Moonsorrow!

Serge Scaffolk

And here is some photos by Konstantin Anisimov )


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