Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part II. Swallow the Sun 29.02.2020 @Lutakko

Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part II. Swallow the Sun 29.02.2020 @Lutakko

Пятница, 20 марта 2020

We are continuing our Jyvaskyla’s narrative.

29 Feb 2020. Lutakko. A leap year, once every four years, not unique but very special – that’s so similar to all I want to tell you about. The reason of my last year visit to Jyvaskyla was attending the concert of Swallow the Sun. This year I did it again. Why here? Because Swallow the Sun were born here, because this place is sacred for the band and the best gigs were played in the native land. I have written above that Jyvaskyla is mysterious. Because I don’t know how such a warm and kind place like this could have produced that perfect sadness which pierced all songs of Swallow the Sun.

This year’s concert was divided into parts – the first was half-acoustic with support of a string quartet, smooth, lyrical and gentle with music surrounding you as a cradle. One of the phenomena of Swallow the Sun concerts are spectators who keep their eyes on musicians and look stoned while a song is being played. When a song ends people applaud as if they were in the theater. I think that is such a special charm. Anyway, the first part was amazing, everyone was hurt by the music.

An intermission followed. The pause was so exhausting that we needed to continue and that happened. Striking contrast – that was my first feeling. So loud and powerfull, distorted guitars, double kick and pervasive growling forced my heart to beat faster, pushing blood through my veins. I don’t know what exactly was happening at that moment but then the music reached out something deep inside of everyone who was there. Incredibly sensual, sorrowful and at the same time incentive!

After the show when I was in the line to cloakroom I met a girl, she told me that she especially had come to this concert from Moscow for one day and she was delighted to be there for that short moment for the beloved band. Just imagine four flights for one day only to get an opportunity to listen to a beloved band. And she was really happy and smiled despite everything. You make our world better, Jyvaskyla sons who swallowed the sun! Thank you so much!

Serge Scaffolk

And here is some photos by Konstantin Anisimov )


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