Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part II. Swallow the Sun 29.02.2020 @Lutakko

We are continuing our Jyvaskyla’s narrative. 29 Feb 2020. Lutakko. A leap year, once every four years, not unique but very special – that’s so similar to all I want to tell you about. The reason of my last year visit to Jyvaskyla was attending the concert of Swallow the Sun. This year I did it again. Why here? Because Swallow the Sun were born here, because this place is sacred for the band and the best gigs were played...

Пятница, 20 марта 2020
Spirit of Jyvaskyla. Part I. Moonsorrow 28.02.2020 @Lutakko

I never would have thought that I would return to this mysterious city exactly one year after I was there but it happened. For those who don’t know: Jyvaskyla is a beautiful innovative city in the central Finland. Not the biggest one, but one of the most interesting places of “the land of a thousand lakes”. As you might have guessed, my comeback was not without a reason because the reason was music and big names of real Finnish metal....

Воскресенье, 15 марта 2020
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